Life is happening at MPAC.
Our resident’s enjoy a full range of services to enhance their quality of life.

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Our registered dietician works with the other clinicians in the facility to accommodate specialty diets and preferences.
The dietician makes recommendations to the physician for determining an effective diet for the individual as part of the overall treatment plan.  
In addition, our Executive Chef presents with a superior dining experience through a delicious variety of freshly prepared meals.  Daily menus are posted on each unit.
Our weekly brunch extravaganza and special dining events are favorites of our residents!


Social Services

Our Social Service Department will  provide support to all residents to aid in the adjustment of a new environment, assist with developing a rapport with care staff, and help to establish open communication with families and staff to ensure all needs are met.  
Social Services will also assist in starting the communication with community resources should a discharge back to the community be necessary.


We love to celebrate and we hope that you will join us at our many events.  

Some of our family favorites include:



Summer Family Fun Days 


-Memorial Day- 
-July 4th- 
-Labor Day- 

Winter Holiday Choir Concert


Monthly  Birthday Celebrations with live entertainment

Chef's Table

Join our Administrators for a specially prepared lunch by our chef. We have a drawing bi-monthly to choose a resident to be accompanied by 1 family member.
Please stop at the Reception Desk to enter your name in the drawing.

Activity calendars are available at the Reception Desk-please check for specific dates of events. 

        See a sample event calendar.


Private Family Celebrations: please let us know if we can help with planning