Rehabilitation at our Facility

The rehabilitation department at MPAC caters to individualized needs of each resident focusing on improving each resident’s quality of life. Therapists not only help them in regaining their functional skills in order to return to an independent lifestyle, but equip them with the knowledge of maintaining their functional level. MPAC offers physical, occupational and speech therapies. The services are provided throughout the facility, as well as in our NEW beautifully equipped state-of-the art rehabilitation gym. Short-term residents receiving therapy will also regularly meet with an interdisciplinary team in order to formulate individualized care plans and one-on-one treatments – including, but not limited to discharge planning in order to ensure a safe transition back home. Long term care residents are screened every quarter and our therapists work closely to match them with one of our many inclusive programs run at MPAC.


Monumental Post Acute Care at Woodside park therapists utilize a variety of treatment techniques and modalities. Our therapists have extensive training and remain up-to-date on the latest treatments and practices through continuing education workshops and seminars.  Our goal is to ensure that each individual reaches his/her maximum level of functioning and maintain their highest level of independence.

Physical Therapy
  • Individualized therapeutic exercise programs

  • Gait Training

  • Resistance training

  • Balance training

  • Ultrasound/E-STIM

  • Orthopedic rehab

  • Manual therapy

Occupational Therapy
  • Self-care training

  • Upper extremity dysfunction

  • ADL retraining

  • Splinting

  • Wheelchair seating

  • Equipment modification

Speech Therapy
  • Cognitive remediation

  • Speech and language disorders

  • Swallowing disorders

LTC Programs Run by the Rehabilitation Department
  • Walk with me

  • Incontinence program

  • Wheelchair workouts

  • Cardiac health

  • Cog works

  • Dementia

  • Low vision program

  • Rehab dining program