"My grandmother started hospice care because she was losing weight rapidly and just not thriving. I was very concerned at first because I felt like I should have known before she was at 86lbs.  I was given the alternative to have a feeding tube placed in her and now I am happy to report my grandmother is gaining weight and thriving again.  No longer under hospice care.  I am in another state and the hospice care team kept me informed by personal calls and conference call meetings.  They really cared and were diligent in helping my grandmother.  She will be 91 next month and I give kudos to this facility for caring for her since 2010 and giving her a better quality of life.  I will always recommend Bala.  It is hard having to make the decision of making someone you love make a nursing home their home for the remainder of their life, but sometimes it is the only solution.  If you let the staff know how you feel about your loved one they will do their best and usually go an extra mile for you.  THANK YOU again staff and social workers for doing your best for my loved one."


"They were by far one of the best I've ever seen in their field.  It was obvious that they've been exceeding their clients' expectations for many years.  They go out of their way to make everyone feel equally respected and cared for.  I've seen client favoritism at some of the other places I've been, and I really appreciate the extra effort they make to avoid that here.  I was seen almost as soon as I walked in the door.  I didn't have to reorganize my day around my appointment at all.  Although I have never had much to complain about, I know that they always adhere to the customer is always right police here.  They take every inquiry very seriously and strive to ensure that clients leave satisfied with their visit each and every time.  I've been to places before where they were argumntatitve and angry, so I was nervous that I would encounter that here as well.  Instead, they were very calm and understanding the entire time.  I could tell they really care about everyone who visits them."


"Dionne was the way to go!  She has so many great ideas and we all have a good time.  Her workers are the best!  Linda - I will miss her!  I always wish she doesn't have a day off, but she surely deserves them!!  Janice is a doll!  She breaks her neck trying to get us interested in things and what she does for the little ladies on the 1st floor lounge is priceless.  They all have smiles on their faces and they talk up a storm!  They truly love her.  Kim does so much good by getting us around and putting fun into activities!  She picks good movies too!"


"Mr. Patterson has done so much for me since I arrived here at Bala.  I suffer from extreme depression disorder and high anxiety.  He always seems to be around when they happen.  The words of encouragement and one hug later - I am good to go!  And Lalita is a wonderful case worker - she is one of the best I remember!  I love her."


"On behalf of the family of the late Mabel Carter, we would like to thank the staff at Bala Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for the kindness and loving care that was provided to her during her time there. Often times, jobs like these come with little or no thanks and it means the world to our family to know that my mother was loved and so well cared for by by your staff. To us, she was a mother, grandmother, great- grandmother, and sister. To you, we know that she was also a part of the Bala family because it was evident in the care she received, and we will always be grateful for that. We would like to extend a special thanks to the nursing staff for helping to make the final stages of our dear Mabel's life as safe and comforting as possible."


                                                      ----Frank Carter